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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Two Paintings Chosen as Finalists in ARC Salon

Charles was honored again this year with two of his paintings chosen as finalists in the prestigious 14th International ARC Salon!

"At the Threshold" and "A Fascination with Plumage" were both included in the Imaginative Realism category of this sensational online exhibition of representational work.

The directors at Art Renewal Center describe their Imaginative Realism category as one that "focuses on historical scenes, religious imagery, surrealism, fantasy art and science fiction."

They go on to praise the importance of the imaginative realism genre in modern society:
"Today there is a growing group of artists utilizing techniques of the past, but with modern day creative concepts. This imaginative style of art is a legitimate form of human expression, broadening the types of subjects Mankind can explore and enabling viewers to understand emotions and themes in the real world by abstracting the subjects through unconventional but recognizable imagery."

Created by the Art Renewal Center, the ARC Salon has grown to be one of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions of representational art. This year's Salon includes 1500 works chosen from the more than 4300 entries submitted from 73 countries.

ARC Chairman Fred Ross, in his message on the Salon website, says:

"Every year I continue to be amazed at the quality and originality of the newest crop of ARC Salon winners and finalists which just keeps getting better at an accelerating pace... Nothing demonstrates better ... the basic tenets of the ARC Philosophy, perhaps the most important being, that Realism in the fine arts is a universal visual language. Let us all hope that the fast growing 21st century Realist Art Movement will play its part in establishing a more peaceful, yet beautiful and exciting, future."

-- view the entire exhibition on the ARC Salon website
-- visit Art Renewal Center's website 

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