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Sunday, June 30, 2019

"The Links of Her Rubicon" the Art Muse winner!

Great news from Art Muse!
"The Links of Her Rubicon" was chosen as the winner in the Master Class category of the May edition of the Art Muse contest, by that month's judge artist Rick Delanty.

"A great painting is such because it evokes emotion, and springs forth seemingly effortlessly because its creator knows drawing, imagines color, and forms a pattern of light and shadow that is dramatically clear and believable.

"Charles' painting reminds me of the work of Frank Frazetta, Master of Anatomy and Imagineer of Drama and Contrasts. At the same time, it conjures Thomas Eakins, and the figures of the 19th century French Salon. The juxtaposition of the classical figure and its modern presentation jumped out at me amid all the most excellent entries in this month's contest. Masterful!" -- Rick Delanty

Wow! Many thanks to Rick for his very kind statement; I'm blown away! And thanks too to the Art Muse organizers.

-- The Art Muse Contest website

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