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Monday, August 10, 2009

Governor's Office Welcomes Paintings by Past Students

For the past several years, the Georgia Governor's Office has played host to artworks by a variety of Georgia artists. This year among the chosen few are two of Charles' past students (and long-time friends), Keith Barnett and Denis Byrd!

Denis' plein air oil painting "High Falls in Autumn" joins three of Keith's landscapes: "Tree Line at Cloudland Canyon," "Creek at High Falls," and "Light through the Leaves."

These paintings were submitted to the Governor's Office exhibition by one of our local arts organizations, Arts Clayton. They will hang throughout the Governor's suite at the capital for a year, until the summer of 2010.

Our hearty congratulations go out to both Denis and Keith for their beautiful paintings and this great honor shown to them. Huzzahh!

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