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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Serving as Juror and Judge for 2 Summer Exhibitions

Charles with SCAA president Sandra Miller (left)
and First Place recipient NancyJanette Long with her painting "French Blue."

This summer Charles was honored by two Atlanta-based arts organizations by being asked to serve as an exhibition juror and judge.

First, in June and July, was the Atlanta Artists Center's Limelight Exhibition, hosted by Binders Art Supply at their Limelight Gallery in Atlanta. Then, in July and August, was the South Cobb Arts Alliance's National Juried Exhibition, hosted by the Mable House Arts Center in Mableton, Georgia.

For both, Charles completed the jurying process online where he culled down the entries and curated the groups of finalists. Awards for both exhibitions were then decided in person at the venues prior to the opening receptions. Choosing the awards for both was a many-hours-long and grueling process and Charles would like to thank the representatives of these groups for their organizational assistance.

The awards presentations at the opening receptions were very informative. I always enjoy accompanying  Charles to these because he always gives a short class about each award-winning piece - why it stood out, how it was successful in its concept and execution, and which artistic principle it exemplifies. I have heard from so many artists and non-artists alike that they really enjoy the explanations and elaborations instead of just a dry listing of names and titles.

Presenting the awards at the AAC's Limelight Exhibition.
(photo courtesy of Binders Art Supply)

We extend our congratulations to all the finalists and award winners of both the AAC Limelight show and the SCAA National Juried Exhibition! The SCAA Exhibition's opening reception got a very nice write up on the local news site The Cobb County Courier and the show was also listed as Number 1 in the "Top 5 Things To Do in Cobb County" list by the Marietta Daily Journal!

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