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Monday, July 31, 2017

"At the Edge of the Storm" an Art Muse Contest Winner

We were delighted to receive the email notifying us that Charles' painting "At the Edge of the Storm" was June's winning entry for the Master Class category of Art Muse Contest, chosen by that month's judge Stephanie Birdsall.

"There is a lot of power and passion in this painting that I find irresistible. The brushwork and edges create motion. It feels alive." -- Stephanie Birdsall

Many thanks to the Art Muse organizers, the judge, and award sponsor Art Cantina.

The Art Muse Contest is an online competition now in it's second year. It hosts a different judge every month and entries are divided into categories according to the artist's experience.

Art Cantina is a web catalog of art teachers and art education opportunities, created to help art students find the best learning opportunities for them. They are "where creativity connects."

-- Art Muse Contest's website
-- Art Cantina's website