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Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Limelight" an Art Muse Contest Finalist

We are thrilled to once again have a painting chosen as a finalist in the Master Class category of the Art Muse Contest! This time it is "Limelight" selected by September contest juror artist Mark Lague.

"This is a very charming painting. It has a nice value pattern, brought on by a skillful use of alternation. Even though it's black and white, colour can be felt in the shadows. The uplighting is reminiscent of Degas."  -- Mark Lague

The Art Muse Contest is a relatively new online competition, with a different judge each month. Entries are divided into 3 categories according to the artist's experience: Master Class, Emerging Artist, and Budding Artist.

-- Art Muse Contest's website

Friday, October 7, 2016

New Work: "Limelight"

"Limelight"   10 x 5   oil

I'm loving these little monochromes Charles has been doing. Here's another one with lots of attitude and a beautifully graceful hand.