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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Defiance" a RayMar Art Competition Finalist for February

"This painting is a wonderful narrative of a soldier caught in the heat of battle. He has captured an atmosphere that convinces the viewer she is in the midst of smoke and fire."
-- Jacqueline Kamin, February 2015 judge, RayMar Art Competition

"Defiance" was chosen as a finalist in the February 2015 RayMar Fine Art Competition!
Every month 12 paintings are chosen to advance. Charles was also a finalist in the April 2014 competition with "Majesty Rising," so he now has 2 paintings which will be in the running for the final judging coming up in April.

RayMar Competition Finalists - February 2015
RayMar Competition main page

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Work: "Defiance"

To stand and fight, despite seemingly overwhelming odds. This was the attitude in the studio as this wonderful piece was developing. Charles has captured the chaos and confusion of battle while maintaining simplicity of purpose. Even the brushstrokes of the background echo the energy of the scene.

Defiance   40 x 30   oil on canvas

Defiance - detail

Defiance - detail

Defiance - detail