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Friday, May 16, 2014

"Majesty Rising" a RayMar Art Competition Finalist for April

"Strong dramatic piece. Charles Young Walls certainly knows his anatomy. The gesture of the pose and the subtle color shifts, particularly on the model’s abdomen, are a joy to behold." 
-- William Schneider, April 2014 judge, RayMar Art Competition.

Well, my goodness. It's not often that you get told that your tummy is "a joy to behold." Her Majesty is pleased.

And we're also pleased, because "Majesty Rising" was chosen as a finalist in the April 2014 RayMar Fine Art Competition! Every month 12 paintings are chosen to advance.We are now in the running for the final judging which will take place in March of next year.

RayMar Competition Finalists - April 2014
RayMar Competition main page

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