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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Former Student Says "Thank You"

Charles regularly gets emails and notes of appreciation from his students. I like to include some of them on the classes page of his website. As I was going through my file in preparation for an update, I came across this lovely thank you letter that I just had to share (with her permission, of course!).

It's from Heather Watson, who was a painting student of Charles' when he taught at the Johns Creek Arts Center in Johns Creek GA last year. Not long after Heather started in Charles' class, she and her husband were transferred to the Chicago area with their jobs. She sent this note shortly afterward:

"When I saw the class being offered at Johns Creek, I jumped on it... The opportunity to learn from someone that created the paintings I saw on your website was EXACTLY what I had been looking for.

"I feel like I learned my money's worth in the first class, and in each one after that. You are an exceptional teacher, and I am so happy and grateful that I got to learn as much as I did from you. I will continue to put what I have learned from you to use, and I will become better and better at painting because of it. I will cherish my notes from your class over all the books and painting references I own. They are far more valuable to me.

"Thank you so much for sharing and teaching the way you do. You share your knowledge in a way that really hit home with me, and I will always remember every minute of these classes with admiration and respect for your art. You are truly talented, brilliant, patient, and unselfish...a winning combination!

"I wish you so much continued success in everything you do! Thank you.

Thank you, Heather Watson, for your heartfelt comments about Charles and his classes. He told me how your positive attitude in class and willingness to try really made teaching wonderful. We hope you are blooming in Illinois!

Heather Watson is on Etsy. Check out her paintings and notecards.

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