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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Third Place at the Historic Buford Plein Air Fest

The weekend of April 24th saw Charles prowling around the back streets and gardens of Buford, Georgia, with a paintbrush and a big ol' hat. He and 44 other artists were in town for the 3rd Annual Historic Buford Plein Air Festival.

Everyone met bright and early Friday at the Tannery Row Artist Colony for check-in and orientation. Canvases were stamped, maps were distributed and then they were off!

Charles' first stop was the garden of one of the historic homes across the tracks from downtown and from there, on to the gates of the city's gem, the Bona Allen Mansion. I was able to accompany him on Saturday when he set up his easel on the sidewalks of East Main Street.

By 4:00 Saturday all the artists were delivering their wet paintings to the Tannery Row's gallery for the exhibition and judging. Being exhausted and starving (and also sunburned, in my case) we went to eat, returning at 6:30 to find the die-hards set up and painting the evening sun as it fell across the Tannery Row buildings.

The weekend produced 78 paintings for the exhibition, which was very well presented in the Tannery Row's gallery space. (I had been somewhat curious as to how they were going to deal with so many wet paintings - "framing not necessary." The unframed pieces were propped along display shelves and since most everything was small, it worked out well.)

The hallway and lobby were packed for the reception and awards presentation - artists, guests and quite a few local collectors. Charles' first painting of the weekend, "An Enchanted Place," was awarded Third Prize! (9 x 12, oil on panel)

We both had a wonderful time at the paint-out. The casual and convivial atmosphere among the artists was great to be around. Everyone was in high spirits and the weather was beautiful. (Did I mention my sunburn?) We definitely plan to be back next year.

If you're interested, the show will remain up until May 30th at the Tannery Row Artists Colony in Buford.

3rd Annual Historic Buford Plein Air Exhibition
April 24 - May 30, 2009
Tannery Row Artist Colony Gallery
554 W. Main Street, Bldg. C, Buford GA 30518
770-904-0572 -- info@TanneryRowArtistColony.com -- http://www.tanneryrowartistcolony.com/

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