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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Website Updates

We've just finished updating and adding new content to Charles' webpage. Along with several minor tweeks and rearrangings, we have:

Updated List of Exhibitions:

Since our last update, Charles has had the honor of being juried into 9 more exhibitions, including two Oil Painters of America shows, Salon International 2008 and the 65th annual Audubon Artists Inc. exhibition, which hung at the Salmagundi Art Club in New York City. Click here for the complete list.

New Images Added to the Portfolios:

Eight new images have been added to Charles' online galleries - 2 still-life paintings on the Other Works page and 6 new portrait and figurative works on the Portraits page, including 2 that have not been seen before here on the blog: "Indian Summer" and "Natasha."

Comments from Students:

I've also decided to highlight a few of the wonderful comments Charles has received from his students over the past few months. You can read them here on the Classes page.

Many thanks to our webmaster Brenda Long for placing these updates. If you're ever in the market for a website, she comes highly recommended. You can reach her at her site - Vectorland.com.

And also, let me add here - GoDaddy.com is the best! Brenda recommended them to us for hosting. Talking to their tech support is the most wonderfully painless computer experience I've ever had. They're friendly, patient and know exactly what's going on even when you don't. If only all computer tech support was that good...

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