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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Salon International 2008 Now Online

The entire exhibition of 300+ paintings which make up this year's Salon International is now available to be viewed online at http://www.greenhousegallery.com/.

For the second year running Charles has had a painting accepted into this prestigious juried exhibition. The show hangs at Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas, and online, until May 2.

Charles' entry this year, Lavender Lace, is available for sale through Greenhouse Gallery and can be viewed on their website here.

1 comment:

MarĂ­a Ignacia Guerrero de Cosio said...

Your paintings are amazing; looks like photographs. I would like to know more about your source of inspiration. ¿Do you get the images from others paintings or you create the scene. Congratulations from the last place in the world.