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Monday, October 22, 2007

New Works - "Melissa"

This lovely portrait of a young girl is one of the more recent pieces to come off of Charles' easel. (16x20, oil on linen)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Portrait Workshop a Success!

Last month Charles conducted a 3-day intensive portrait painting workshop for the Fayette Art Center in Fayetteville, Georgia. The weekend was a tremendous success and everyone not only got great information out of it, but seemed to have a good time as well!
The workshop opened with a morning Q&A and one-hour painting demonstration where Charles illustrated the concepts that he would be working with over the next few days.
I must say here that our models for the weekend, Cody and Alex, were just wonderful. Both are local art students who stepped in at the last minute after our original model had to cancel on us. They worked out wonderfully and we couldn't have asked for better.
The group made huge strides over the weekend. They accepted a tough challenge and took in a tremendous amount of information. Painting a portrait from a live sitter is a very different proposition than painting from photographs.