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Saturday, October 7, 2017

"Amethyst" an Art Muse Contest Finalist

We once again received a great email from Art Muse Contest. "Amethyst" had been chosen as a finalist in the August competition by that month's judge Stanka Kordic.

"Another piece I kept coming back to... Very well composed, and the figure impeccably handled with just the right amount of detail, and suggestion. The color choices astounding to me as well." -- Stanka Kordic

Many thanks to Stanka and the Art Muse organizers.

-- Art Muse Contest's website

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Peter Cox (1942 - 2017) - In Memoriam

Peter Cox teaching at Art Students League
(photo from Workshop magazine Spring 2007)

Peter Cox has died.
The teacher who most impacted my art and my life, who altered the very way I see the world.

As an artist he was extraordinary in his approach and in the aesthetic he pursued. He may have not been as famous as other artists, but those who know of his art know him to be great.

"Study for Vespers" by Peter Cox
48 x 28, oil on panel, 2009
In 1989, while I was a student at National Academy of Design in NYC, a teacher urged me to go to a Peter Cox one man show that had just opened. That show blew me away. It was painting that I had never seen before. Real depth, but more-- the figures weren't just realistic, they seemed alive. I remember fighting back tears because of the beauty before me and then realizing those tears were because I knew I'd never be that good. I stayed at the gallery for several hours just looking and looking and then my despair turned into something else, a resolve to learn how to paint LIKE THIS, to paint with POWER and INTENSITY. I saw things at that exhibition that made an impact on me that has never diminished. I went back to that teacher and told him about my reactions to the show and he said, "You have to study with Peter. You think like him and you approach things like him."

As soon as finances allowed I went to Peter’s class at Art Students League and it was an immediate connection. He changed my art; he taught me how to think about things in a different way and to see, really see, color. HE CHANGED MY LIFE. Other teacher's classes all paled in comparison.

As I was growing professionally, I spent 5 years going back and forth from Atlanta to New York for Peter’s classes. My skills and understanding of the visual language grew until my confidence and busy schedule caused a transition that resulted in my discontinuing extended visits to NYC. After a decade and more of professional work and not going to class, I resolved to go back to see him in 2006 via his workshops at Art Students League. His tremendous artistic evolution was on display and there we were again - Peter teaching and me soaking it up like a sponge twice a year for almost a decade more.

My class notes from those times are precious to me, now more than ever. A single phrase from him could fling open doors in my mind and clarify the mysteries. I had hoped he would write and publish a book in his lifetime. Some vehicle to preserve his massive artistic knowledge, his philosophy, his approach.

But Peter has died.

And I cannot express in words the depth of my grief.

Charles Young Walls
Atlanta GA | September 8, 2017


"Couple" by Peter Cox
28.5 x 32, charcoal, pastel, graphite on bristol, 2000

For more information about Peter Cox please visit:

Peter Cox website

The Art Spirit Gallery's website

Monday, August 21, 2017

"Secrets Held Close" an AIS National Exhibition Finalist

"Secrets Held Close"   24 x 18   oil

Charles' new painting "Secrets Held Close" has been accepted into the American Impressionist Society's upcoming National Juried Exhibition. Only 175 pieces were accepted into the show from 1430 entries. We are so excited to be part of this great group!

The exhibition opens on September 28 at Montgomery-Lee Fine Art in Park City UT. All the works juried in are now available to view on the AIS website.

-- American Impressionist Society website
-- view the paintings selected for the National Juried Exhibition
-- Montgomery-Lee Fine Art website


American Impressionist Society
18th Annual National Juried Exhibition
September 28 - October 29, 2017
Montgomery-Lee Fine Art
608 Main St., Park City UT 84060

Monday, July 31, 2017

"At the Edge of the Storm" an Art Muse Contest Winner

We were delighted to receive the email notifying us that Charles' painting "At the Edge of the Storm" was June's winning entry for the Master Class category of Art Muse Contest, chosen by that month's judge Stephanie Birdsall.

"There is a lot of power and passion in this painting that I find irresistible. The brushwork and edges create motion. It feels alive." -- Stephanie Birdsall

Many thanks to the Art Muse organizers, the judge, and award sponsor Art Cantina.

The Art Muse Contest is an online competition now in it's second year. It hosts a different judge every month and entries are divided into categories according to the artist's experience.

Art Cantina is a web catalog of art teachers and art education opportunities, created to help art students find the best learning opportunities for them. They are "where creativity connects."

-- Art Muse Contest's website
-- Art Cantina's website

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"The Silver Mask" Accepted into Metro Montage Exhibition

The Silver Mask

We're very pleased to announce that "The Silver Mask" has been selected to hang in Metro Montage XVII, an all-media exhibition showcasing art and artists from across the Atlanta metro and north Georgia areas.

Come join us at the opening reception on Saturday evening, July 8, at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art on the square in downtown Marietta GA.


Metro Montage XVII
July 8 - Sept 10, 2017
Opening reception: Saturday, July 8, 6-8 pm
Marietta Cobb Museum of Art
30 Atlanta St., Marietta GA 30060
770-528-1444 | www.MariettaCobbArtMuseum.org

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Free Oil Painting Demonstration in Atlanta

On Saturday, June 17 Charles will be doing a free oil painting demonstration as part of the Summer Creative Showcase put on by Binders Art Supplies in Atlanta.

From 2:00 to 4:00 while painting, he will be discussing ideas useful to artists - solid information for painters to use, not flashy tricks.

Binders Art Supplies
Peachtree Piedmont Crossing 
3330 Piedmont Road, Atlanta GA

Saturday, April 22, 2017

"She Beguiles in Red" at OPA National Exhibition

"She Beguiles in Red"  30 x 20  oil

We're so excited that Charles was once again chosen as a finalist in the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils! "She Beguiles in Red" will hang with the 220 other finalist paintings at Eisele Gallery of Fine Art in Cincinnati, Ohio from May 12 - June 24, 2017.

The entire exhibition is currently available to view online on both the gallery's website and OPA's website:
- the exhibition on Eisele Gallery's website
- the exhibition on Oil Painters of America's website


Oil Painters of America
2017 National Juried Exhibition
May 12 - June 24, 2017
opening reception - Friday May 12, 6-9 pm
Eisele Gallery of Fine Art
Cincinnati OH |513-791-7717

Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Amethyst" wins Second Place at AIS Small Works Showcase

"Amethyst"   16 x 12,  oil

"Amethyst" has been awarded Second Place at the American Impressionist Society's Small Works Showcase!

A huge thank you to awards judge Peggi Kroll Roberts and award sponsors AIS and Art Cantina. Ms. Roberts specifically commented on Amethyst's visual power from a distance and exciting color vibrations:

"This work struck me very strongly from a distance. It has a very strong control of separation of light and shadow, but you still see broken color within the shapes. The figure is well drawn, great proportion, and the color vibrations are very exciting and close in value."

We weren't present at the exhibition's opening reception, but thanks to enterprising AIS staff, a video of the awards ceremony was posted to Facebook. The above photo is also courtesy of AIS, one of many exhibition photos available on their Facebook page.

The exhibition hangs until March 25 at Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA.

--  American Impressionist Society on Facebook - for opening reception photos and video
--  American Impressionist Society's webpage

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sketches and Studies Now Available For Purchase

I've finally convinced Charles to let go of some of his smaller pieces, and as a result we now have a new page on the website! Sketches and studies are now available for purchase.

Visit us today and find your new favorite small painting.

All transactions are handled through DailyPaintworks.com and Paypal, two very trustworthy business partners.